Investigating Cementaries

As I was reading the articles for this blog, it just took me back to the Pauper Graveyard. Its amazing how just a historical site was abandoned. Just because its a pauper cemetery doesn’t justify it as not being important. As we would do the data collection we had to be able to describe the site, either it was a gravestone, a slab, we had to record the information on the stone, if we could read it. We also had to record the offerings the site had as well. As i would collect data i would see a lot of site that had seashells on slab. I not sure what it means, but i found it very interesting. We would see all kinds of things in the cemetery . There was many children that lost their life really young. They had toys and and water bottles on their site. It broke my heart when i saw it. The article had a part that really caught my eye and said,

“Cemeteries are among the most valuable of historic resources. They are reminders of various settlement patterns, such as villages, rural communities, urban centers, and ghost towns. Cemeteries can reveal information about historic events, religions, lifestyles, and genealogy.”

When i read this, it all made sense. I see what they mean that cemeteries can reveal information about historical events. It could also give you an idea of what was going on during those times. The times the cemeteries  started and the time it ended.

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