Digital Techniques for Public Archaeology

“Digital engagement with archaeology may bring along new and particular ethical issues that should be adequately pondered and weighed up front in so far as this is possible. By means of example, some forms of digital engagement that rely strongly on voluntarism and on the donation of time, skills and knowledge in support of activities proposed by archaeological organisations have been criticized as exploiting free labour and contributing to neo-liberalist economies (Perry and Beale 2015).” I found this part of the article very interesting because it shows me that digital techniques can engage in the public archaeology life. From the experience I got at the cemetery we used a lot of devices, special our phones to collect the data. Its very interesting how we can use our own devices in archaeology. Its crazy because when i was younger i though archaeology was really just excavating and finding lost treasure, but in reality its so many different things. To me i believe public archaeology is trying to keep the culture alive and the forgotten restored.

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