Social Justice and Archaeology

A form of inequality that could be addressed is the care that is given to the cemetery. There is an understanding that not many individuals are willing to donate their time to the cemetery, however, with Hillcrest being its neighbor there is a clear distinction. I believe a positive way in addressing these inequalities would be to find individuals willing to donate their time to help improve the visual presentation of the cemetery. Understandingly, the Pauper cemetery is for individuals with financial struggles, thus this is a contribution to the lack of visual aesthetics. Our practice may not particularly reproduce this inequality, though it may not be entirely helpful in the sense of human interaction on the surface disturbing the land if we were to accidentally set equipment at a sensitive location.

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  1. This is a really good point. The work we are doing will allow the county to add sprinklers, which will help some with the appearance. There are families that still come to maintain the graves, but perhaps more people will come once the names become more accessible.

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