Sight Interpretation

Baram’s website on excavation reminds us that communities are and always will be an ever-growing society. Information gets lost or forgotten and important sights such as a cemetery will eventually become neglected only to be rediscovered by accident. Many important sights are discovered by accident such in the case of ancient Rome. The city was build a top of another city for many centuries. This is what I mean when I said that communities are constantly growing. This isn’t to say that sights are entirely forgotten, it maybe that no one has been looking for them in a while. And when communities do go looking for answers they may often find many road blocks ahead. For example, land may already be owned by some one else such as a farmer who uses his land to plaint crops. The land is the life blood of the farmer but it may also be a historic sight as well. This is one of the many problems that can occur.

In the rosewood project Gonzalez reaches out to the public by finding anyone with a story to tell. Looking at stories about the rosewood riot is best taken in from a folklorist perspective. Folklore is not just a simple story about a fairy but can also include relief events as well. Finding people collecting their name and asking to record their story is useful for future generations to hear about real life events.

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