What public archaeology means to me

Public Archaeology to me is where archaeologist use the help of the public in order to make connections with their findings in the field and with those findings we are able to learn about the area around us and also learn about the people as well. I don’t know what to expect going into this Fieldwork project as it is I never thought I would have an opportunity to work on fieldwork so close to home. I thought it would be a while before I got to do some fieldwork because you usually have to travel far to attend a field school and there usually very expensive, so I’m anxious to get started and I’m excited to see what I’m going to learn during this project.I think this opportunity is going to help aspiring archaeologists and anthropologists get some experience as well as give back to the community,which is basically the whole point of this project ,were encouraging the community to help us,because we need their help. There are people buried at this cemetery that seemed to have been forgotten about.Not to say that they’ve been forgotten on purpose, but I think with the help of the community this project could do a lot of good. With this project we are going to be able to at least help the city with burial document incident and we could help people find their loved ones.Overall I think this Public Archaeology project is going to allow the public to have more of an insight on what archaeologists do,that they don’t just go dig for bones, pottery, or the misconception that archaeologist dig up dinosaurs. I also think that this project could also lead to more projects that will allow not only more experience to Anthropology students but will also allow the public to have more interaction with Archaeology,because people are generally curious about what archaeologist and what anthropologists do, an example of this could be the past archaeology fair that happened this past October.Lots of people came out to the fair and they were very curious about learning about the items we had and what bones we were cleaning, so I think that if we can get this out more to the public I think we could get a lot more information on the graves that don’t have any markers and help find their family members. With this project I’m mostly interested in investigating people’s stories, I’ve always been curious about people pasts.I’m interested in the stories they have,the things they’ve seen and learned, of how things were different during their lifetime. I’m also interested in investigating the cemetery itself, I think from how people were buried were going to be able to learn a lot about society and how it possibly changed from back then to now. I’m looking forward to this project, I am nervous ,excited , and anxious, I just don’t know what to expect but what I do know is that this is an amazing opportunity that’s not only going to help me and my fellow classmates in our careers but also going to help the community.

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