What is Public Archaeology

Public archaeology in the broadest sense is that part of the discipline concerned with studying and critiquing the processes of production and consumption of archaeological commodities. To what I have learned to be Public Archaeology is to perform a research or project that would give back to the community. It is to conserve history and to teach the community about the importance of these sites.The goal is is the preservation of the fragile sites of our prehistoric and historic past that are being destroyed at an alarming rate through natural process and development. Our job is to bring back what has been forgotten. There’s a couple of steps that should be taken when a public archaeology is being performed.

  1. Stimulate public interest in archaeology

We try to get the community to be aware of what the project is about, and what it consist of ( students, professors, equipment, etc)

2) Raise awareness on the importance of cultural resources and advocate for their preservation.

Explaing to the community about the importance of the project and the outcome that would be recieved.

3) Educate the public on the processes and importance of archaeological research

By educating the public, they would have the ability to gain knowlege about the project, and how they could help to create other projects that would help preservate other sites.

4) Connect people to their heritage

By being able to perform a project like this, we are able to connect people with their heritage, maybe find a lost love one for the family. Since I have been part of the Hidalgo County Public project, we have gotten numerous of families coming to the cemetery looking for a lost loved one. I was able to witness a family find the grave of a family member that had deceased over 50 years now, and it was amazing to be able to see the connection that was brought by this project and a family. It would be amazing to keep witnessing moments like this in the future.

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