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In his discussion of opening up what happened to Rosewood through the use of the internet a virtual reality-type program, Gonzalez-Tennant discusses how he hopes to use the virtual reality-type program Second Life to better inform the general populace of different things that are happening around the world. This can be especially useful to us because there may be more foot traffic on an online website than if people were to have to show up in person. This in turn relates to what Baram was saying in his article about conservation. In order to better conserve a site and a community, the use a virtual reality program such as Second Life, is vastly helpful because people are able to explore new areas and gain an understanding of the area and thus may be more likely to respect the area they are going to. If we end up using a virtual reality-type program for our project, we would need to find one that suits our project and one that can be easily accessible to general public. We would also need to find a way to advertise our project in such a way that the people who would be directly affected by the project would then be able to know what is being done and have a way to stay updated on the project.

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  1. Yes, you make great point of how the Hidalgo County Public Cemetery Project can do a virtual reality program by finding a suitable website and advertise more. Our current website link is heading that way since we are informing the digital public of our project by giving them resources, our thoughts and information. Hopefully soon we can even add some data collection to the site were the public can access the cemetery’s monuments and burial locations. Also, it would be great if we could provide the original list of people buried in the cemetery that the owner obtains. This would be very memorable to the family members and those who are interested in historical documents. In furthering the advertisement, this Spring 2018 semester, we had the local channel 4 News at the site. Maybe more people watched the news and would like to come out and help or find their relatives.

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