Public Archeology to me

Public archeology  is when  professional archeologists and community organizers come together to engage members of their community in the preservation and protection of local heritage and cultural sites. With more and more archeology sites put in danger every year it becomes a necessity to get locals active and informed about their local sites in order to protect them for future generations. With out the input and care of local governments many sites are either left to ruin or completely destroyed, such as the Hidalgo County Pauper Cemetery after years of being let alone the cemetery was in shambles over run with weeds , drugs and a site of ritualistic ceremonies before it was cleaned up.

Our project aims to hopefully not only to study this site for educational and professional purposes as students , but to also provide information to the community and local governments in order to  promote the preservation and sustainability  of this historical site .

By identifying those who where buried here we can provide comfort and closure to relatives of the deceased. This will hopefully lead to new information on why and when said person was buried in this particular cemetery  and in time compose a complete history of the Hidalgo County Pauper Cemetery .

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