Public Archaeology and Education

In her article Moe (2002) proposes that Educators and Public Archaeologist work together to breed better, more informed citizens that can identify and understand the importance of the past and its remnants. To do this, programs such as Project Archaeology Archaeologists and Educators are trained to understand one another in order to adequately pass on their unified skills and message to the future generations. Jeppson (2008) would agree with Moe, but not so much her methods because Jeppson believes that education is quite often not completely understood or appreciated, and if treated the same Education then Archaeology will follow in the same path. She would propose that Archaeology be taught as interrelated aspects of human life under Social Studies.

Both approached are very good but in regard to local education I believe that Moe’s approach might be most effective because understanding both the educational and Archaeological aspects would make the combining of the two go more smoothly. Knowing what to teach and how to teach it are key components in passing on knowledge to the children of the future which will inevitably create a better society.



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