Reflection: Spring 2018

This semester taught me a lot about doing archaeology not only out in the field with the community but the technical and digital aspect of it as well. Before taking this course I didn’t think much about archaeologist having to work with computers and different types of software for data collecting and interpretation. Hopefully in the fall we will be able to learn our way around the digital aspect of the project a little more in depth. I know eventually I will need to become adequately familiar with these computer and digital resources for any future projects.

This semester I think went fairly smooth and I believe we were able to get more done this semester. We were able to record data for most if not all the graves. Having a bigger class this semester and returning students helped move things along. Those of us returning had already experienced some glitches in uploading data and were able to assist other students. The Total Station continued to be used and setting it up seems to be the overall most difficult part of its process. Dr. Rowe has been very patient in helping us set it up week after week! Once it’s up and running it’s easy to use and take measurements. It’s been fun watching classmates bending tree branches in order for the total station and prism to line up. I personally enjoy working with the total station and prism. I didn’t master setting it up this semester but there’s always the fall to continue working on it. I’m looking forward for the fall semester to continue with this project. I intend to continue with it until I graduate from UTRGV.

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  1. I love how you expressed on working with the total station. It takes practice, but for sure you will be able to set it up in the fall, but personal experience the total station was not for me, but i am glad you enjoyed that part of the course. I do agree, it was a lot smoother this time around because returning students were able to help the new students, and the bigger the class was, the more we were able to accomplish.

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