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Considering that we are in a time of technological growth, using a platform to present the project is a well thought of decision. Till the beginning of the semester, I had not heard of WordPress before. It provides wonderful insight into the cemetery project, that I would in no other case be informed about without this service learning course.

On that note, the project itself is best represented by the university, professors and its students. There was an article posted on the UTRGV website of the kick start of the project, why it began and the history of the location.The UTRGV website itself, is a great place to start on what an archaeological course can provide for enthusiastic anthropology majors. As well as the type of project and the students involvement with the community. An article in itself doesn’t seem to justify the ongoing work that is being done on the project, including the experience it provides for the students. A home page of the project (wordpress) was a great place to start and it is beneficial that the link to these blog posts was included in the article. Had I not known about the project name, my first thought would be to look under the department and their ongoing research but did not find the HCPCP, which I would have liked to see. With the continuation of the project from students and the help of the university, the project is set to learn and improve.

This platform is appropriate because it allows for students to voice their opinions and work, while also giving feedback and information to the rest of the community. The work being done has given interest and allowed more light into the project, by means of articles, news, student service learning poster…

But where can one find WordPress and the page on the project?
Having an actual web page on the utrgv website, would be a great place to find this page. Contact information, links and comments section. 

As long as the collaboration of students and the community remain involved, and updates continue to highlight the importance of this project, then it will uphold its sustainability. Working equally and respectfully.

We must reach out to the people of the community and eager students, in all aspects. What we gain and how our presence helps a rather unforgettable place with many loved one’s resting place. We must allow ourselves to speak openly and in return provide a source for others to feel comfortable and have open opinions. Any views and resourceful information can merely benefit the growth of this project.
Its content on the web page can provide, information of the service learning course, including what service learning is (community engagement), whom to sign up with, detailed information and history of the project/cemetery and all of its providers, and of course, what the overall project hopes to accomplish at the end (3D map of entire grave site, all accountable grave sites with names, etc.)
This is what I hope to see as the semesters progress and additional information, restoration, is done to benefit the community as a whole and all of us included in it. It is wonderful to see the progression of people working together on an idea and to be a part of its growth as we all work together.

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  1. I agree about the use of WordPress. I had never hear about this site before ,but after using this site I find it very easy to use and its a great way for students to make connections with others students writing, as well as make connections with the project itself. I think it is also easy for any one in the public to use ,if they either have questions about the project or if they want to read the same articles we are also reading about. Maybe a good idea is if we put a link of the blog post on the UTRGV website, that way anyone looking at the site they could click the link and see the updates and the progress of the project.

  2. I definitely agree that we need to get the word out about this project more. Having a link on the UTRGV website is nice, and maybe we could add a Facebook group or similar online social media presence? Communicating with the public our findings is one of our duties we have as part of this project, and the more we do that the more valuable this project becomes.

  3. I have the same opinion about i would see the ads on youtube but like most people i would skip them. In enrolling in this service learning course i have grown to like and understand wordpress as a melting pot of ideas. I also agree with you on the fact that there should be a like included on the site directly to the University website to help outsiders understand our project.

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