Engaging with Publics Online

Rocks-Macqueen emphasizes the considerable investment involved in online engagement, primarily through time commitments. He recommends considering the following when deciding which platforms to invest in:

  • are online platforms appropriate?
  • longevity/sustainability of the platform
  • Data/content potability
  • What are the (potential) conflicts between your needs and the platform’s needs?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What formats do you want to engage in (long-form writing, short bursts, multimedia, etc.)?
  • how open or closed is your platform?

Lauracuente outlines the potential of Twitter, as a micro-blogging platform, for engaging with people beyond public events. In particular, he highlights its utility for reaching free-choice learners.

Based on your experience blogging this semester, what Lauracuente writes about Twitter, and the considerations presented by Rocks-Macqueen, what type of social media outreach would be most effective for our project?

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