Engaging With Publics online

There are many aspects that need to be put into consideration when trying to engage anyone on the World Wide Web, because when most of the time when it comes to blogging  you are not engaging with people face to face. so you have to be careful what you say and how you put your sentences into context, as well as be weary of exclamation points, commas and question marks. There are many online platforms in which people just rant about their pet peeves, and there are other online platforms in which people engage in intellectual arguments. So one must choose which platform is appropriate for  them.

when it comes to blogging or posting on a social media outlet one must choose the social media website in which one thinks their information will go further. However according to Doug Rocks-Macqueen there is a dilemma with that because “Simple math tells us that it is impossible to use every possible social media platform. Taking the AddThis list of 345 different digital services and assume a person spent one minute a day on each service we would find that they would need 6 hours of work per day to cover them all.” however that is not say that we must post to all social media or websites so far known to the internet. I believe that we must choose which ones will get more traction to get our word out. Online platforms are definitely appropriate because most Americans or most people around the world for that matter engage in online interactions on a daily basis multiple times a day. Honestly our audience should be any intellectual young or old that is interested in the social sciences, and if they do not know what it is, then we explain to them in a very simple interactive way to help them learn and possible pursue a degree in the social sciences and archaeology.

The most effective media outlet for our specific project in my opinion would be Facebook, because there are millions of users logged in everyday. and in this website you can blog, as well as live stream whatever it is you are doing. In the case of our project we can live stream our work at the cemetery, in addition to online platforms Dr. Rowe has a drone! which can capture amazing aerial footage of our work and later upload onto Facebook. Furthermore, on Facebook you can engage with the people that are commenting on a specific post and or blog and answer any questions that the audience may have, i believe it is a very interactive website that will be very useful to bring light and for our project to get the attention it rightfully deserves in our community.

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