Digital Techniques

The HCPC project is already part collaborative since they also mention that it is somewhat like a community/public archaeology project. So, it might need to be more open and accessible to the public but that mostly deals with getting information out there. The ways that this project can be more co-creative would be to get the people of the project more involved in the actual creation and planning of the activities of the project since everyone is supposed to be involved and helping. I think the project is already seeing way that it can move in that direction. For example, for the Día de los Muertos celebration the students of the class were volunteering ideas on what activities should be involved and if it does continue as is planned then the students are having ideas on who should be contacted to be part of it. For the project to move towards a more hosted method the public and school would have to be more involved than they are right now. A hosted method means that an institution must provide knowledge and planning on the project and then that it is worked on and completed by the public. Currently the project isn’t being worked on by the public, but it is being provided by an institution.

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