Digital Techniques

Bonacchi (2007) identifies four degrees of participation. A more common degree of participation to incorporate is contributory participation, through this HCPCP allows the public to make contribution to our research. Collaborative, co-creative and hosted participation, from my understanding, are roughly the same in the sense where there is incorporation of individuals from similar fields while simultaneously being open to different technology techniques. To continue with collaborative participation it may require more professional individuals in addition to maintain a decent amount of student involvement. Co-creative participation appears to be a technique in which a group of individuals create an ideal approach of research. This participation would potentially be utilized in the idea that a group of students currently working on this project decide to move an aspect of this project for further research. Hosted participation is described to be more difficult due to funding though I feel the many scholarships provided to independent and group research will benefit this research thus working in collaboration with co-creative participation.

Benefits of 3D technology are numerous. As the article mentioned, through 3D artifacts researchers and the public are granted the opportunity to view what an artifact generally looks like. Photography has been an uprising technique that is now transiting into 3D techniques, though without photography there would be no way of alternating an image into an item. However, pitfalls with 3D techniques are the possibility of much data holes that the individual fills under the assumption the artifact is completed a certain way potentially not perfectly displaying what an artifact was. I do feel as though our project could integrate 3D techniques due to my recollection at the beginning of the semester where the class learned about one tool that will create a 3D image of what was scanned through essentially a burst of many photos in seconds. This tool could further create an image in the public’s minds of the general layout of the cemetery as well as providing imaging of what the deceased individuals grave appears as for lost family members, etc.

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