Archaeology in Schools

I find it important for universities to have archaeology  as a major.Learning archaeology helps the students develop various skills across many disciplines including critical thinking. Archaeology can be included in a comprehensive curriculum for social science, history, mathematics,environmental studies,and art. It also touches on the entire spectrum of human behavior and a series of questions. Archaeology helps students appreciate history from different points of references, and also teaches students about other cultures.  Hands on experience is very important when it comes to Archaeology. It’s a great experience for students to have, and they get to learn to do field work at the same time. There’s not many schools that offer Archaeology, and it makes it very difficult for students that what to major in that. It was amazing that UTRGV  offers a hands on experience. Fields schools are very expensive, and theirs not many of them either. In conclusion there should be more universities that offer archaeology as a major, as well as more field work so students can have the opportunity to experience hands on experiences.

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  1. I agree that archaeology, and the overall field of anthropology, are important subjects to include in education. As you point out, these subjects help students appreciate different cultures and different perspectives. I believe that we still need to do more to incorporate archaeology in education and to educate the public about the field, because I believe there can be misconceptions about the field that prevents more participation.

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